American Astrophilately
Table of Contents
Part One: Voices of Astrophilately
What is Astrophilately? David S. Ball 1
US Stratospheric Balloon Flights Beatrice Bachmann 12
Tracking Ship Covers Dr. Ross Smith 18
Captain’s Covers David S. Ball 29
USS J. R. Pierce Recovery of MA-7 Kris Stoever 36
Beck Cachets Morris Beck 38
Morris Beck CREW Covers Owen Murray 40
11 Questions for Owen Murray David S. Ball 43
The Cool Flight of Astronaut Alan B. Shepard, Jr. Steve Durst 46
Insurance Covers David S. Ball 57
The NOC Story Eberhard Coelle 63
NASA-WLOD Cachets Eddie Bizub 71
Putting Their Stamp on the Moon Chris Calle 72
Specimens and Proofs of Apollo 11 and 15 Dr. Rueben A. Ramkissoon 83
Flown Covers David S. Ball 92
Riser Affair Uncovered Sean Marsar 107 ASTP Thread Robert Pearlman 110
Joint Cancellations from a Joint Flight Eberhard Coelle 114
Part Two:  A World of Covers  
Unmanned Flight 122
Project Mercury 134
Project Gemini 150
Project Apollo 172
Post Apollo 202
Part Three:  The All Important Postmarks  
Postmark Grids 215
KSC Official 309
VAFB Official 329
NASA Official 333
Beck Cachets 334
Glossary 337
Bibliography 338
DVD Resources 343